Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday 07/08 Quickie:
More Wade, Coach K, Manny, Halladay

How is Dwyane Wade like Sarah Palin? Lots to cover in today's SN column, including a follow-up to yesterday's argument about how LeBron and Wade are screwing over their fans, either by not signing or declaring their intention to leave.

Here is a snippet of today's lead argument:
I'm sure fans in Miami are thrilled that Dywane Wade signed his lucrative long-term contract extension with the Heat in the very first moments after midnight last night, the earliest he possibly could.

What a terrific signal to send to his fans and his franchise that he is committed to bringing a title back to Miami -- that it might not happen in 2010, but with him in place as the cornerstone, they can make a run at several of them.

And what a relief that he dropped the Palinesque "only quitters stick around" talking point that he wouldn't sign unless the team built a title contender around him right now, even though he previously hadn't committed to the team to staying around beyond next year.

Heat fans now avoid the rest of us snickering at them as they attempt to justify their cheering all next season for a player who so obviously would have disrespected and dismissed them by not declaring his reciprocal allegiance as soon as he could.

How awkward would it have been had Wade NOT signed last night, and spent the next season as some kind of lame-duck -- with fans cheering for him half-heartedly, knowing that NOT signing with the Heat sends the strongest signal he almost surely will be bolting for another city next summer.

Wow, it sure is great that Wade cleared that up.
More you'll find in today's column:
*Mets fans hate Mets more than Manny.
*Coach K likes Team USA more than Duke.
*Orrin Hatch likes the BCS more than America.
*Jays like saving more than Roy Halladay.

Lot more where that came from. Complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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