Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need A Fix During Today's Slow Sports Day?
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So today might be the Slowest Sports Day of the Year. What better day to re-launch one blog... and launch another?

(1) Varsity Dad: If you have kids -- or will one day have kids, or remember how your relationship with either of your parents impacted your sports fandom -- I encourage you to check out the new-and-improved Varsity Dad, the ultimate site for the intersection of sports and parenting -- now with updates multiple times per day!

(2) Would you look at that? Someone went out and launched a blog dedicated to...Tim Tebow! (Wow, seems pretty loaded with posts already -- this looks like the ultimate site for all things Tebow, but created with editorial credibility, not fanboyism, in mind.) Who would possibly have the reputable curation skills to go with the obsessive interest... aha!

(Are the blogs for everyone? No. But what blog is? But if either is for you: I hope you like them -- and check back often. And, if you would, pass along to any friends or colleagues who might like them.)

-- D.S.

(If you had "July 15" in the office pool for "When will Dan launch a Tim Tebow blog?" please collect your ample prize money.)

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xcdannon said...

does July 15, 2007 count?