Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday 07/14 Quickie: More Pujols,
Prince, President Obama, Griffin, Meyer

I let Albert Pujols write the lead of today's SN column. No, seriously. (Well, not quite in the way that you think -- but everything he said yesterday lines up with your standard columnist structure.)

Otherwise, that HR Derby was a dud, wasn't it? I love the Nelson Cruz story, though. Breaking through at 29 after less than a full season's worth of career ABs -- you don't see that happen very often.

I'm betting President Obama grooves that first pitch tonight to Pujols -- then goes into the booth and puts out at least one pro-White Sox comment. I approve in advance of Joe Buck slurpery.

Blake Griffin -- yes, the real deal. But Tyreke Evans (33-9-8) continues to look like the most talented (highest ceiling) player in the draft class. And Stephen Curry shoots too much.

Urban Meyer isn't going to Notre Dame. "Ever." That's a pretty strong statement. He has a long career ahead of him, and even as a die-hard Florida fan, I don't expect him to stay at UF forever.

I expect him to win a bunch more national titles, then coach the Patriots as Bill Belichick's hand-picked successor. Then, when that no longer satisfies him -- let's call it the standard college god-coach NFL tenure of plus/minus 4 years -- he will have his choice of college jobs.

I guarantee you at that point that Notre Dame will fire whoever their coach is to hire Meyer, if he'll have them. The "Ever" statement implies that he would never even accept that job.

I am interpreting it as the idea that Urban Meyer would never "Ever" go to Notre Dame directly from Florida. (After all, consider the unlikelihood back in 2000 that Steve Spurrier would "Ever" coach another team in the SEC East.)

Still, I think it's fun that he is willing to address it head-on.

Watch this storyline: Delaware wants to be able to have fans bet on single NFL games, not just parlays. That could be huge for the state.

By the way, just in time for tomorrow's annual "Slowest Day of the Sports Year," I believe I will be ready to announce not one but TWO big pieces of news. One won't be THAT much of a surprise; the other? Hmm: Not a surprise, per se, but probably will trigger something like bemused shock.

Complete SN column here.

-- D.S.

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Biff said...

Urban Meyer's comment actually should be interpreted as meaning that he'll be a Notre Dame *next* year. If you look back at his time while at Bowling Green and Utah, he made similar comments about "never leaving" his schools the year before he left.