Saturday, July 18, 2009

On The Erin Andrews Video

First: Good for her (or her lawyers) for releasing this.

Second: AJ's post-mortem post about this must be read.

Third: I suspect that we have reached an irrevocable BC/AD moment in the "Erin Andrews" thing.

BC: (Mostly) fun blogger meme, because of the whole "Erin Pageviews" or "Wow, she covers sports and is really attractive" (which I have long-argued is totally mis-read anyway).

AD: Give it up, folks -- the objectification has resulted in something going too far. Maybe I'm mis-reading and in a few months, folks will go back to posting pics.

But my sense is that the meme crossed a boundary -- a truly unfortunate one -- and it will, by necessity, self-correct in the other direction.

-- D.S.

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