Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Mania: Tom Watson

Friday, it was: "How can you not be watching/rooting for Tom Watson?"

Saturday, it was "How can you NOT be watching/ROOTING for TOM WATSON?!?"

Sunday morning, it will be "AAAAH! TOM WATSON RULES!"

This is certainly the biggest sports story of the month. The real question is where it ends: If Watson wins the British Open, it would be one of the Top 3 sports stories of the year so far -- I'd put it behind the Steelers winning the Super Bowl but ahead of UNC or the Penguins winning titles. And, yes, probably even ahead of Florida winning the CFB national title.

It would be the most interesting golf result of all time. Bigger than Tiger at the Masters in '97. Bigger than Tiger at the US Open in 08. I'm not golf expert, but I cannot think of a comp.

In this era of Twitter/blogging/TV-yakkers/cynicism, this 59-year-old has turned back the clock. Literally.

Again: How can you NOT be rooting for Tom Watson?

-- D.S.

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Paul L Carter said...

Dan, if Watson would have won it, it would have been way bigger than what I think of as the preeminent old guy from the past winning a major: Jack Nicklaus winning the '86 Masters.

Especially the many times Watson and Nicklaus went head to head.

Also consider: in British Open circles, Watson is simply referred to as "Toam."