Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday 07/24 Quickie: Tebow, Buehrle,
Vick, Favre, NFL Camping, LeBron

Cripes, I guess sports' annual summer vacation is over. There are about a half-dozen stories that could have led the sports day over the last two weeks -- packed into one morning:

Vick is back: When, not if. More like: Who (will sign him?)

Buehrle's perfect game: What a moment. What a catch by Wise. (Obama agrees!)

Is Brett Favre announcing his unretirement today? On a busy sports day? Yes!

Um, and NFL training camps open this weekend, usually a pretty big milestone.

And then, of course, there is the whole Tebow-is-virgin thing (video here!), spicing up SEC Tebow Media Days in Alabama.

(And, if you care about the whole "Who didn't vote for Tebow" thing, it looks like the culprit is either Steve Spurrier or Someone-Is-Lying, either of which are intriguing.)

Today's SN column couldn't be more loaded. It was a crazy day yesterday, with plenty of time to mull it over today and over the weekend. Enjoy it. This is one of the good mornings.

(You can be suffering from Tebow backlash -- really? -- or Vick fatigue or Favre please-no-not-again-itis, but at the very least you have to have loved the Buehrle-Wise thing.)

Again: Great day to be a sports fan.

-- D.S.

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