Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday 07/23 Quickie: Tebow,
SEC, Ben, Vick, Red Sox, MMA

SEC Media Days turned into Tebow Media Days, if the media's interest was any indication.

Dan Mullen? Sure. He used to coach Tebow. But what do Bobby Johnson or Bobby Petrino or Rich Brooks -- or their teams -- have to do with Tebow? Who cares? It's TEBOW.

(I'm being sarcastic -- but, in all seriousness, there has been no greater proof-of-concept of than yesterday's SEC Media Day Tebowfest and this week's SI, which rejected Tom Watson as a cover lead for a 2-year-old story about Tebow's faith that 99 percent of college football fans already knew pretty well. Why did Tebow make the cover? Because it's Tebow.)

So it's no wonder I led today's SN column with Tebow Media Day -- today actually IS Tebow Media Day. He takes the podium in the next few hours, and it will be an Event. (I will be curious to see if ESPN does a live cut-in. If they were smart, they would. At the very least, they would do a "cut-in" on via ESPN360.)

More you'll find in today's column:

*Bill Plaschke was the only one not cheering Manny last night.
*The Red Sox might be losing, but they're not panicking.
*The Magic not the top contenders in the East? Really?
*Steroids in MMA? YOU DON'T SAY?!?!
*LeBron Dunk: Not just the biggest let-down ever, but it turns out there was a better video of it that came out on another site. The clip still kind of sucks.

Complete SN column here. More later. Lots on TimTeblog today (for obvious reasons) and some Varsity Dad updates, too.

-- D.S.

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