Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday 07/25 (Very) Quickie

So I'm blogging from beachside in St. Augustine, Florida this weekend, and -- gloriously -- I'm having what can only be described as a fried-food hangover. Not in a gross way, btw.

Matt Holliday traded to Cards: 4/5 with an RBI in a Cards win over the Phillies. Pretty good start, you could say.

It was Steve Spurrier: That's what you get for delegating your all-conference ballots (and, don't fool yourself, Top 25 ballots) to administrative assistants. Vote has been changed.

Lane Kiffin at SEC Media Days: I actually think he won over some haters. At least he went a bit meta and acknowledged why he engages in the crazy-talk. And, let's face it: It worked.

Blazers sign Andre Miller: Did they really need him? With Brandon Roy, do you need a "traditional" PG? If so, didn't they already have the serviceable Steve Blake?

Leagues, NCAA sue Delaware to stop gambling: They can't stop it. It's inevitable. I don't buy the "it'll corrupt our sport!" argument. It's on the leagues, not the states, to stop cheaters.

Cripes, Roy Halladay is good (9 IP/4H/1ER/10 Ks, even in an ND): I don't know why a contender trying to make a move wouldn't spend whatever it needed to to get him.

Too early to start talking MLB Wild Card races? Giants-Rockies is going to be a good one. (Matt Cain: 12th win.)

Scott Feldman beating Zack Greinke may be the most notable moment in Jewish baseball history in years.

Swimming bans super-suits: Here's the problem -- the technology was accessible to everyone, so it's not like it was an unfair advantage. Meanwhile, what about the records set in the suits? (I guess it's like baseball records set during the Steroid Era, or the Amphetamine Era before that.)

Finally: Oh my god: Stephon Marbury, Live. That footage -- once properly edited by an enterprising blogger or fan -- will have an instant place in sports pop-culture forever.

TimTeblog: I sift through all the Tebow-related content that has been published in the last 18 hours to find the interesting stuff so you don't have to.

-- D.S.

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