Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday 07/26 (Very) Quickie

Tour de France wrapping up: This may be a little TOO contrarian, but I think that Lance finishing 3rd in the 2009 TdF after 4 years off is more impressive than any of his 7 titles.

Re: Rickey in the Hall of Fame
-- I *love* this take from USA Today (and perhaps other places that I just didn't see) that Rickey was the Greatest Fantasy Baseball Player Ever. (Is it strange that I think that should be a qualifying factor for Hall enshrinement? Two words: Tim Raines, who was probably a Top 5 fantasy player throughout his peak years.)

Hank Aaron is OK* with PED users in the Hall -- as long as their plaque gets an asterisk:

I have a follow up question for Aaron: Would Aaron suggest the same thing for players in the Hall who used amphetamines, like greenies or coke? That would put stars on every enshrinee...ever.

MLB: Rays flash that '08 magic, with their biggest comeback (8 runs) in franchise history and beating the Jays.

MLB Fantasy Stud: Luke Hochevar (13 Ks)

NBA: Is Lamar Odom going to end up on the Heat? That probably does more to hurt the Lakers' chances of repeating than it does help the Heat's chances of contending. (Unless the Heat combine that with trading for Boozer and getting Wade to re-sign now, not next summer.)

-- D.S.

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WuzUpG said...

I agree, Lance could've finished in 2nd, if he didn't break his collar bone and limit his training. He wouldn't have came in first because Contador was the leader of the team. Lance was a good teammate.

Watch out next year, Contador!