Friday, July 31, 2009

Michael Vick to the Patriots, Updated

So there's this rumor -- I guess it's nearly an urban legend, at this point -- that Michael Vick was spotted at Logan Airport, which -- combined with his brief assertion that he's close to signing a deal with an NFL team -- MUST mean that he is signing with the Patriots. (Sarcasm, but still...)

Let's review why this makes sense for all involved:

Mike Vick: "Moss Theory" (instant credibility, stable environment)
Bill Belichick: Itching to experiment with the single-wing (w/o risking Brady)
Tom Brady: Can get 6-10 single-wing plays off per game (those add up)
Pats fans: You know that Vick is going to succeed wildly. (See Moss.)
Pats haters: One more reason to hate the Patriots.
Fantasy GMs: Scared to be the douche who DOESN'T draft him.
Tim Tebow: Single-wing test with Vick sets stage for Pats drafting Tebow.
"Dual-threat" college QBs: Instantly improve NFL draft value.

There is no NFL situation that Vick could land in better than the Patriots. There is no move more brilliant for the Patriots to make than to bring in Vick. This is the ultimate no-brainer.

-- D.S.


I answer to most names...C said...

Genius, pure genius.

Dodger Dogg said...

Can Shanoff write a column without mentioning Tim Tebow? Favre-like man-crush!