Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cliff Lee for NL Cy Young: Why Can't Cliff?

Is it too early to start a Cliff Lee for NL Cy Young bandwagon?

Considering I tried the same thing with CC Sabathia when he came over to the Brewers a year ago, I think not.

It is based on Rick Sutcliffe's successful '84 Cy campaign when he went from the Indians to the Cubs.

Last night, Lee got off to a pretty good start: Complete-game 4-hitter with 6 Ks (to only 2 BBs) and 1 earned run, on only 109 pitches (79 for strikes).

Lee for NL Cy. (Yes, yes: Tim Lincecum. Save it. If the Giants make the playoffs, OK. Otherwise, if Lee keeps pitching like this for the Phillies, "Why can't Cliff?")

-- D.S.

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