Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday 07/27 Quickie: Rickey, Lance,
Halladay, CFB Media Days, Swimsuits, More

So maybe it was filing unexpectedly from the road overnight, in between a plane flight that was cancelled at 10 pm and one I (plus wife and 2 kids) would have to get up at 3:30 am today to try to fix, but I'm feeling a little chippy in today's SN column:

*With one master stroke, Rickey Henderson undid a lifetime's worth of "bad selfish" to look like someone who appreciates something other than himself: "I am very very humbled." Now we can all remember him as the astonishingly talented player he was -- perhaps Top 10 all time?

*Lance Armstrong's 3rd-place finish was more impressive than any of his 7 Tour de France titles. And will be more impressive than when he finishes 1st next year.

*What the hell is the leading swimming governing body thinking in getting rid of the super-suits in January? In 8 Worlds races yesterday, we got 6 world records. Folks CARE about swimming -- and it's not just an Olympic off-year, but WAY off. And the suits help.

*Halladay Watch: I don't know why the Phillies wouldn't mortgage a small piece of their future to win right now. With Halladay they would be the favorites to win the World Series -- sorry, to repeat as World Series champs. You don't let windows like this pass you by.

*CFB Media Days: Needless to say, the Big Ten, ACC and everyone else won't be nearly as self-regarding (or exciting) as the SEC Media insanity last week. Nobody is asking who DIDN'T vote for Terrelle Pryor as 1st-team all-Big Ten QB.

There's actually a lot more. (Find it here.) You'd be surprised at how productive you can be between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. when you are fueled with travel rage.

-- D.S.

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CorrND said...

The swimmers would set a whole lot of records if we let them wear flippers as well. I say let them do what they want! Flippers, hand paddles, speared caps -- anything that creates records must be a good thing for sport.