Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday 07/30 Quickie: Top Coach Ever?
Favre, Vick, Lee, Halladay, Urlacher, More

Who is the best team-sport coach ever? What a debate-starter. SN's panel picked John Wooden, and it's hard to argue. In today's SN column, I break down their Top 50, including:

*Pat Summitt was screwed. She's Top 3 all-time.
*Bill Belichick may end up in the Top 10.
*Of coaches not on the list, Urban Meyer is most likely to crack it one day.

There seemed to be a formula to being Top 50: Longevity. Consistent winning. Championships. Media myth-making (which tends to follow the first three things).

It's a fun list to argue over, particularly when you break it down by sport or think about snubs or think about who will eventually make the list a decade from now.

*I told you: Brett Favre isn't going to stay retired.
*Mike Leach is so awesome. More on that later today.
*The Phils win, the Jays lose.
*Look at the Mariners and Giants dealing like contenders!
*Vick to the Jaguars? (Makes sense.)
*Urlacher hates Cutler? (Makes sense, sort of)
*I have no problem with Marvin Williams.
*Who will USC unexpectedly lose to THIS year?
*I couldn't feel more awful for Erin Andrews.

Complete column here
. More later.

-- D.S.

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Karim Mourad said...


Why would you say the Jaguars are moving to LA? In about five years, the jags will truly have a healthy fan base when fans like myself, who have been around since the early years, will be able to buy season tickets (just graduated college). Moreover, LA can't handle an NFL team in the next couple years because of their ongoing budget crisis, which will not allow LA to build an NFL caliber stadium.