Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday 07/29 Quickie: Favre, Vick,
Buehrle, Halladay, Phelps, Pryor, ACC

I don't believe Brett Favre. And I'm a little surprised anyone would.

Oh, sure, I believe that he isn't unretiring TODAY. But per today's SN column, there's still time for him to do a U-turn on this season.

And even if he doesn't come back THIS season, who's to say he won't get the itch to return NEXT season? That's a full season away. Full season to get healthy. Full season to mutter to himself (and the various media folks he works with): "I'm still better than most starting NFL QBs."

More than anything, Favre craves the attention he gets from floating his comebacks. And so we might begin enjoying a blissful lull in Favrian theatrics today, but they -- and he -- will be back.

Meanwhile, what should the Vikings do? Sign Mike Vick, obviously. Like, today. Just do a sneak attack on the rest of the league. What do they have to lose? No, seriously? Just give him Favre's No. 4 and don't look back.

Buehrle Watch: I defy a starting pitcher over the next few decades to match Buehrle's new MLB record for consecutive batters retired. It's not quite "56," but it's pretty rough to top -- start with the notion you'd have to have a perfect game first, then throw nearly 2/3 of another. Then get that one more out.

MLB Trade Talk: The Yankees are talking about getting Jarrod Washburn. The Red Sox are talking about getting Roy Halladay. You be the judge. (The Jays would be insane to trade Halladay to a division rival, except that the Red Sox seem willing to offer up some prime prospects - and I think the Jays could uncynically say, "We're not competitive this year or next anyway, so why not?"

CFB Media Days: Terrelle Pryor is the talk of the Big Ten -- as he should be -- although I think Pat Fitzgerald did more to raise his stock with the media than any other coach. I tweeted this yesterday: He's the best coach in sports under the age of 40. Not just in football. All of sports. That includes Mike Tomlin. As for the ACC... eh... hey, I'm no hater: I think that Georgia Tech will end up in my preseason Top 5.

Phelps loses (Phelps loses?!): The whole "supersuit" thing is fine, as long as Phelps is the beneficiary in shattering world records and collecting Olympic gold medals. But as soon as a Speedo rival comes out with an even more buoyant suit -- and Phelps loses to an Arena swimmer -- it's "Nope, these suits have got to go." Here's an idea: One common suit for all competitors, who can put whatever logo they want on them. FINA can sell the worldwide production rights to the highest bidder.

Complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.

2 comments:!/DuelingAces said...

I hate the steelers more than anyone but to say that Pat Fitzgerald is a better coach than Tomlin is pretty insane, but I do like Georgia Tech in the top 5

Steve said...

Just make them all swim naked, men or women. Problem solved. Everyone wins.