Saturday, September 19, 2009

CFB Top 25 Picks: Toledo Is New Houston

This week's picks, coming off last week's pick of Houston over Oklahoma State. (Yes, I will stop talking about that now -- it wasn't all that.) This week's Houston is Toledo, so impressive in destroying Colorado last week -- and the game is in Cleveland. Not the same as Columbus.

Because I will be at the Florida-Tennessee game, my ability to actually flip over to the other 3:30 games (or even the end of the noon games) won't be happening -- just like a blinders-on AP or Coaches poll voter! Relying on you for insights. Anyway, let's get to the picks:

1 Florida over Tennessee -- In attendance
2 Texas over Texas Tech -- GameDay game
3 USC over @Washington -- People picking this as upset are on crack.
4 Alabama over North Texas
5 Penn St over Temple -- Another cupcake for JoePa
5 Ole Miss over SE Louisiana -- Rebels need a decisive W
7 BYU over Florida State -- "Must-crush" game for Cougars
8 Cal over @Minnesota -- Beating Big Ten just not a big deal
9 LSU over LA-Lafayette
Toledo over 11 Ohio State -- UPSET SPECIAL
12 Oklahoma over Tulsa -- If I had any guts, I'd pick Tulsa
13 Virginia Tech over Nebraska -- B/C it's in Blacksburg, but a toss-up
15 TCU over Texas State
16 Oklahoma State over Rice
17 Cincinnati over @Oregon St -- Nice quality win for Bearcats
18 Utah over Oregon -- Must-win for Oregon. Won't get it.
22 Kansas over Duke
Arkansas over 23 Georgia -- Breakthrough game for Petrino
24 UNC over E. Carolina -- Not a lot of faith here.
25 Michigan over E. Michigan -- Forcier Mania, apparently.

I missed Georgia Tech over Miami. I got Boise State.

Other games of note:
Auburn over West Virginia: Winner definitely gets into Top 25.
BC over @Clemson: Win here should get BC into Top 25
Michigan State over Notre Dame: Just because I can resume this.
Southern Miss over UVA: Won't be pretty. Groh axed Sunday?
UAB over @Troy: Joe Webb Watch!
Arizona over @Iowa: Winner emerges 3-0
Mississippi State over @Vandy: Why am I on Mullen b'wagon?
Northwestern over @Syracuse

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