Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 09/17 Quickie: Rex Ryan, Kiffin,
Myles Brand, Miami, Tebow, More

I got side-tracked this morning and neglected to post a link to today's SN column. Hopefully you all found it anyway, but if not, I found an interesting contrast:

Rex Ryan vs. Lane Kiffin.

Check the column for a full comparison, but needless to say, when Kiffin yaps, it feels forced -- even desperate. When Ryan yaps, it feels confident.

I'm a big fan of Ryan's, even just a game into his NFL head-coaching career. I think things will get interesting if (or...WHEN) he beats Bill Belichick this weekend.

Kiffin? Not so much.

More you'll find in the column:
*Tebow/Jags draft meme. Go to for more.
*Really, seriously, finally: The Rangers are finished.
*200 Ks? No problem if you hit 40+ HRs
*Fan of the Year: Emily Monforto!

Complete column here. More in a bit.

-- D.S.

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