Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday 09/14 Quickie: Peterson, Brees,
AP Top 25, Clijsters, Sanchez, Pedro, More

Let's all agree that Adrian Peterson's 68-yard, 2-stiff-arm TD run might be the best run we'll see all year.

Let's also agree that Peterson marginalizing Brett Favre (per today's SN column lead) is wonderful irony -- the gunslinger, neutered. It's almost like Favre is in a personal purgatory.

Let's agree that Drew Brees put on the greatest Week 1 fantasy football display in history -- how many teams could have started Brees as the only player on their roster and still won?

Let's agree that the Falcons are even better than last year (as are the 49ers), the Dolphins are worse (as are the Cardinals) and Jay Cutler's problems are easy to laugh at.

Let's agree that no one -- no one -- calls a dramatic moment in sports better than Gus Johnson, and why he isn't more of a marquee play-by-play guy is a mystery to anyone under 40.

Let's agree that as long as Tom Brady doesn't get knocked out for the season tonight, the Pats are doing just fine.

Let's agree that Roger Federer's Shot -- and that's how it should be referenced: "The Shot" -- is the greatest shot in the history of tennis.

Let's agree that Kim Clijsters' US Open title is going to be -- lamentably -- the most overlooked significant sports moment of the year. It is WAY more impressive than Tom Watson at the B.O.

Let's agree that the notion of an AP voter ranking Oklahoma State ahead of Houston -- simply because they had Oklahoma State over-inflated in the preseason and after Week 1 -- is a joke.

Let's agree that Ohio State isn't as bad as I keep implying they are -- and USC isn't as good as others keep implying they are.

Let's agree that Michael Jordan is not only entitled to say whatever he wants at his own HOF induction ceremony, but that being petty and vindictive is core to what got him there.

Let's agree that, at this point, the Red Sox are just twisting the knife in the backs of the Rays.

Let's agree that sports feels different after this weekend: The NFL is officially back, with some awesome performances and intriguing results; college football is already in midseason intensity (with much much more to come next Saturday); and it's a glorious thing.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.


Steve said...

Broncos fans everywhere are thanking you for making the Bungles your eliminator pick this week. That was the Shanoff curse in all it's wondrous glory.

Robyn said...

Great post. And I'm not saying that just because you relented a little on the badness of the Buckeyes. :)

A.P. Boynton said...

The reason Gus Johnson is NOT a front-line play-by-play man is because he treats EVERY moment in a game like a dramatic moment. He uses an exciting, dramatic volume as much as you use hyperbole, Dan!