Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday 09/16 Quickie: Kiffin is a Jedi

It is a testament to Lane Kiffin's Jedi-like skills that not even halfway through the rivalry-week build-up between Tennesee and Florida, he has flipped the meme, enough that I lead today's SN column with it. Here is today's original post-game "extra" on the topic:

Previously, it was "Wow, just how badly is Florida going to crush Tennessee?"

Now, it's "Wow, just how badly is Florida going to crush Tennessee?"

Let me explain: The former is about everyone's sense of vengeance; the latter is about Kiffin's expert expectations-management.

By talking up the Gators -- "best defense ever"... "best QB ever"... yada yada yada... -- Kiffin implicitly says, "We're going to get drilled."

Ironically, it was the only way he could escape from this weekend in a strategically no-lose situation.

If Urban Meyer plays the harsh card -- using time-outs late to rub it in, piling on the points... say, some 70-0 rout -- he is a petty, vindictive guy. Not exactly the high-minded champion. Kiffin looks like a victim. Kiffin looks...sympathetic. Meyer looks like a bully.

If Tennessee keeps it even remotely close -- and, by that, I mean if they lose by anything less than 45-0 -- they will have beaten the (admittedly very very very low) expectations.

Of COURSE Kiffin isn't going to win on Saturday -- that doesn't mean he can't claim a moral victory, even in crushing defeat.


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-- D.S.

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