Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday 10/24 (Very) Quickie + CFB Picks

I love that TCU-BYU is the game of the week. First, because I love non-BCS BCS-bowl contenders. Second, because if TCU wants to be taken seriously, they need to win a big game with everyone watching... and not just benefit from winning games on the crawl on the bottom of your screen while you watch better and/or more prominent teams.

More on the radar this morning:

*NBA refs are back! Yes, it makes a difference. Now, if only we could do something about the MLB umps...

*ALCS Game 6: There WILL be panic if the Yankees don't close it out tonight.

*NFL in London? The London franchise is already ahead of Tennessee, St. Louis and Tampa in next week's Power Rankings.

*Why would the Redskins commit to Jim Zorn? I guess they can always fire him, even if they say he's safe -- "misdirection" (ie, lying) has been a staple of the NFL for years.

*Want to know why the Magic (unbeaten in the preseason) will go back to the NBA Finals? Savvy personnel moves like -- no, not trading for Vince Carter... but yes: Brandon Bass, super-sub.

This week's CFB picks (yes, less fun without the spread element attached)

1 Alabama over Tennessee
2 Florida over @Mississippi St
3 Texas over @Missouri
4 Boise St over @Hawaii
5 Cincinnati over Louisville
Michigan St over 6 Iowa -- UPSET SPECIAL
7 USC over Oregon St
8 TCU over @ 16 BYU -- GAME OF THE WEEK
9 LSU over Auburn
10 Miami over Clemson
11 Oregon over @ Washington
12 Georgia Tech over @ Virginia
13 Penn St over @ Michigan
15 Oklahoma St over @ Baylor
17 Houston over SMU
18 Utah over Air Force
19 Ohio State over Minnesota
South Florida over @ 20 Pitt
22 Arizona over UCLA
23 West Virginia over UConn
24 South Carolina over Vanderbilt
25 Kansas over Oklahoma -- Hmm...

Other Games of Note:
Central Michigan over @ Bowling Green
Arkansas over @ Ole Miss
Notre Dame over Boston College
Texas Tech over Texas A&M
Northwestern over Indiana

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