Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday 10/20 Quickie: Walk-Offs, Broncos,
SEC, USC, Rockets, Dayton, Gladwell, More

Anyone else forget to set their "House" DVR to go over by an hour, in case the Yankees-Angels game went long? (Could that really be the key takeaway of today's SN column?)

Anyway, it's not like the Yankees were going to go 11-0 en route to their supposedly inevitable World Series title, right? (I'm actually liking Scott Kazmir tonight -- although even in a best-case scenario, he only holds off the Yankees offense for 6-8 innings. Can't account for bullpen.)

Speaking of inevitable: The Phillies advancing to the World Series.

For the rest of us, if the series aren't going to be competitive, at least the games' endings will be -- can't beat the walk-off... unless you're talking about TWO walk-offs.

More you'll find in today's column:

*Do the Broncos win without those two Royal return TDs? Who cares? That was their best win yet.

*Pete Carroll needs to STFU about the BCS computers. When your one loss is to Washington, you lose your right to gripe. Compare that to Oregon or LSU or Miami -- not even close.

*The most interesting quote I have seen all month, from Malcolm Gladwell on PTI last night. I might even do a standalone post about it later. It's today's "Last Word" in the column.

There's a ton more -- Alabama treating Tennessee like Florida should treat Tennessee, why the Rockets will continue to surprise people with success, Dayton Mania.

Check it out here. More later. I have two bonus posts coming today -- one at 11-ish and one at 1:30/2-ish. Drop by!

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

I think the Gladwell interview was a re-air from last Friday, but still - it took my breath away. First off, he is so convincing, by initially acknowledging that this is all debatable and inconclusive, and then he hammers home the accepted hypothesis, with tons of information, and expounds upon it so we all get the point crystal clear. Very plain spoken and powerful. And what a scary conclusion he reaches - no NFL in 10 years?!?!?
I've never read his stuff, but will soon be delving in to "The Tipping Point".

Hope you enjoyed Vegas - was fun following your sports book experience in RT.