Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TrueHoop Expands: And It's Good

I love TrueHoop. Check it multiple times per day. Couldn't be a bigger fan of Henry Abbott.

Today, Henry announced that TrueHoop is expanding to include all of ESPN.com's NBA reporters -- Stein, Ford, Sherdian, Adande, Hollinger -- as contributors.

It's a smart move for everyone: TrueHoop expands its quality inventory; the contributors get a new platform that gives them entree into the NBA's link economy.

The fact is: There remain two key times for online sports media -- preparing post-game analysis to be consumed when folks get to work in the morning... and 9-to-5, when fans consume throughout the day. The contributors had the former locked down, but were missing out on the latter.

In the end, fans win, because there's that much more quality NBA content in a place where we've come to expect it -- and always want more. And ESPN wins by turning its TrueHoop franchise into an even more robust hub of content -- THE hub of NBA content on ESPN.com, frankly.

I hope the new contributors take to the form and experiment with it -- and don't just see it as a place to file typical columns, only at shorter wordcounts. (Tip: Use Henry's expertise, guys. And it's riskless to experiment with new formats and styles.)

-- D.S.

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The Green Carbon Trader said...

Sorry Dan, I don't agree at all. I see a fundamental problem in terms of voice. The great thing about TrueHoop is that its really the voice of Abbott coming through, that a lot of people can identify with. I can chose to seek out his commentary. But the other reporters are simply that reporters. Some with their own agendas (see Hollinger). I don't want their agendas to be shoved in my face when I'm not even looking for their voice.