Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 10/22 Quickie: Phillies,
Bradford, BCS, SEC, Wizards, Phillips

You all know my theory: In this age, two straight titles makes you a dynasty -- it's like 5 straight titles back in the 70s or 80s, adjusted for inflation.

And so welcome to the Phillies Dynasty -- at least in the National League. It remains to be seen whether they can win back-to-back World Series titles -- that would be a REAL dynasty.

But between their power at the plate and their power pitching (Cliff Lee and a couple days of rain, plus Brad Lidge with his head screwed on right), they are as well-positioned to beat the Yankees as anyone. Oh, and they are the defending champs, after all.

And you know how much I overvalue defending champs.

The Phillies, of course, lead today's SN column. But there's a lot more:

*Sam Bradford is kind of a moron.
*UTEP has kind of nicked Boise's 2nd-biggest "quality win."
*The SEC has kind of solved its ref problems.
*The Wizards are kind of a contender.
*Steve Phillips is kind of pathetic.

Lots more where that came from. More coming later today -- going to try to finally get my Blogs With Balls recap up later.

-- D.S.

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