Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday 12/11 Quickie: Brian Kelly, Colt McCoy, NFL Week 14, Steelers, More

You all saw below how I feel about Notre Dame hiring Brian Kelly: On the one hand, I recognize that Kelly will turn ND into a perennial BCS at-large team. On the other, I lament -- as a longtime Notre Dame schadenfreude expert -- that Notre Dame will no longer be ours to kick around.

It was the obvious lead for my SN column today, but there are a couple other notable storylines:

*Steelers humiliated by Browns: It's not just that the Browns eliminated the defending champs from any hope of making the playoffs this year; it's that the Browns eliminated the Steelers from contention as "NFL Team of the Decade."

*Colt McCoy cleans up the hardware: This is kind of awkward. McCoy won the Maxwell for "Best All-Around," and he may not even finish in the Top 3 in the Heisman balloting. Ndamukong Suh may finish with more 1st-place votes than any other Heisman candidate, yet wasn't even close to being a Maxwell finalist. And Mark Ingram -- who IS most likely to win the Heisman -- couldn't even win the award for being the best at his position (the Doak Walker for top RB went to Toby Gerhart, certainly a fine choice).

*I knew that Florida would lose to Syracuse in hoops last night. I was concerned they would lose by 20+; that they did better than that gives me some hope. Syracuse is a very very good team -- definitely good enough to make the Final Four.

*You all know I'm a huge "let the fans vote" person. Here's what I have to say about the early NBA All-Star returns that have T-Mac in the West starting lineup -- it's exactly that: "early." Give it a few more weeks, and non-Houston fans will clearly create a correction in the marketplace.

Check out the entire column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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