Monday, December 07, 2009

Tebow Legacy Impacted By Bama Loss

I have been saying it all season long about Florida and Tim Tebow: "Championship or bust." And... well, you know what happened.

I have had a lot of theories -- unified and otherwise -- floating around my head since Saturday night. You've seen bits and pieces here and, of course, over at TimTeblog.

But Dr. Saturday wanted my take on Tebow for this morning, forcing me to commit to at least some version of coming to terms with the game, particularly the impact on Tebow's legacy.

I don't mind confessing: Matt and I wrangled over it. He was appropriately harsh in his critique -- I respected his perspective but, as you can imagine, had a slightly more sympathetic take. You can read it here.

I will say this: The season started with Tebow as a contender for "greatest ever." Today, none but the most partisan followers (cough!) would call him that. I still contend he is on college football's Rushmore, if only for all the other "-est of all time" superlatives he ends his career with. (I know many of you would disagree.)

But there is not much of a question: This loss impacted Tebow's legacy.

I'll leave it to you to decide. Again, this is only one stake in the ground in what will be a much more layered process. And as editor, Matt, of course, gets to put a harsh headline on the essay.

-- D.S.


AmySuzanneMartin said...

The only thing epic about the lost to the Tide is the boring monologues from jerks like you that don't understand that greatness is always winning - it's in competing and being gracious - something that you neither possess or inspire in others - the SEC will dominate the bowls this season. And Tim Tebow will go down as arguably (exceptions are not arguing with morons) as the best college football player of all time.

Go Gators

JHitts said...

How can a man who has already won one Hesiman Trophy and two national championships possibly have his legacy tarnished by a single loss?

Floridan said...

Tebow was asked to do the impossible -- win the game by himself. Demps, Moody and Rainey (who during the regular season accounted for over 1,500 yards) were given only a combined three carries.