Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday 12/06 (After The Debacle) Quickie

Next morning. Still shell-shocked by the domination exhibited on both sides of the ball by Alabama. The commenters on the post below are, appropriately, enjoying "Shanoffreude."

As someone who has had TCU ranked ahead of Texas for most of the season, I saw nothing last night that would make me vault Texas ahead of TCU.

I think it's a shame that merely by the strength of their brand -- rather than their resume -- Texas will "obviously" finish ahead of TCU. If they played head-to-head, I'd take TCU.

(Any AP voter that ranks Texas ahead of TCU has lost their high-horse from which to complain about the BCS, because a knee-jerk vote for Texas is a vote for the current system.)

I do think that Colt McCoy last night lost what was going to be a gift-wrapped Heisman Trophy. He wasn't even the best player on the field (that would be Suh). Mark Ingram will be the winner.

I have a hard time understanding that -- if Texas had lost -- that Cincinnati would have been the team to replace them in the NCG. Among pundits with no rooting or regional interest in Cincy, I have been on the Cincy bandwagon as long as anyone -- but their defense is so suspect.

Prediction: Don't be surprised if Brian Kelly is NOT Notre Dame's head coach as early as tomorrow. Everyone thinks it's a perfect fit -- there's something everyone is overlooking...

I understand that people are enjoying schadenfreude at the expense of Florida this morning, but Florida fans and haters alike can both enjoy the wreckage that is USC's season.

That Fresno State-Illinois ending was the wildest you'll see all year.

On an unrelated note: Greg Oden is quickly becoming the most hard-luck athlete of the decade. Let's point the blame where it belongs: At the NBA, for not letting him enter straight from h.s.

One more unrelated note: If yesterday was the first time you watched John Wall, you realize why everyone is gushing over him. (Against a top opponent like UNC, no less.)

Frankly, I'm still processing the beat-down.

-- D.S.


Clarity said...

It's the NBA's fault that Oden is plagued by injury? The injuries started in college, so that's not it. Maybe if he had stayed in college, playing a much less rigorous schedule, and let his body fully develop, he wouldn't have these injuries.

John Thompson said...

How is TCU's resume better than UT's?

Biff said...

Early rumors are saying TCU will face BSU in the Fiesta Bowl. Are you kidding me?! Does nobody remember that this was the same freakin' bowl matchup from last year, and TCU won. Lame, lame, lame.

Michael W said...

As a Blazer fan, I've really tried to resist the Bowie/Oden comparisons, but man, that just got a lot harder.