Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday 12/08 Quickie: Kelly, Suh, Elin, 96

For a random Tuesday in December, there sure is a lot to talk about in today's SN column:

*Nore Dame reaching out to Brian Kelly. Love that he broke the news himself via Twitter. I'm still not convinced ND really wants to hire him.

*Ndamukong Suh making a run at the Heisman -- he's Top 3! -- and, in the process, knocking Colt McCoy OUT of the Top 3.

*Danica Patrick is joining NASCAR, if in a limited role. Doesn't matter: She'll be the biggest thing to hit the sport in the "Post-E" Era.

*Elin walked out on Tiger. Good for her! Maybe Oprah wants to book Elin, not Tiger.

*NCAA tournament expanding to 96: I love this idea. You know me: I want them to replace Championship Week by expanding the Tournament to EVERY team.

*AI back in Philly: At least there's one thing to keep 76ers basketball interesting.

I'm covering all that and a lot more in today's SN column. Check it out here. More later.

-- D.S.

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