Tuesday, March 09, 2010

3/09 Quickie: UConn, Bubble, Bradford

Start with this: Sign up NOW for the original and the best -- the Daily Quickie Readers group of the Tournament Challenge. (Just search "Daily Quickie Readers.") Now in its 8th year!

Now, to today's SN column:

*In praise of UConn 71!
*Boeheim: Appreciated!
*All-Americans: Guarded!
*Gonzaga: At-large!
*Big East: Insanely deep!
*Bradford: Doubted!
*Tebow: Loyal!
*McCoy: Mocks Suh!
*Mavs: Not the Lakers!
*Hawks: Not ready for the big time!
*Cardinals: NL Pennant or Bust!
*RichRod: 1 More Year!
*NASCAR: Conflicted!

It's a loaded column. Check it all out here. My MIT Sports Analytics Conference recap is coming a little later this morning. (Preview: I duck the numbers!)

-- D.S.

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