Monday, March 08, 2010

Jonah Hill Is Paul DePodesta

A little Hollywood news out of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: As Rob Neyer breaks in his Monday link round-up, Michael Lewis told him that the "Moneyball" movie is full-speed ahead, with one major casting change: The role of Billy Beane sidekick Paul DePodesta will now be played by Jonah Hill. (Look: If Sandra Bullock can win an Emmy for Best Actress, over Meryl Streep, in a sports movie made for non-sports fans that became the highest-grossing sports movie ever, Hill can totally work as DePo.)

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Qwagmire said...

Quit Bashing Sandra bullock. She seems a lot more likable than Meryl Streep, who seems unattainable unless you nose is in the air too