Sunday, March 07, 2010

Weekend Quickie: Analytics!

Just got back from the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. I'm going to try to write up my thoughts tomorrow, but it was a terrific event -- as well-organized as any conference I've ever been to, with attendees (panelists and conference-goers alike) as sincere and friendly as any you'll meet. Everyone had a great time.

In the meantime, what'd I miss?

*Congrats to Winthrop and East Tennessee State, who both won auto-bids on the road.

*Syracuse won't be No. 1; Louisville may have won its way into the Tournament. Kansas confirmed it will be the No. 1 team (and probably the No. 1 overall team of the NCAA Tournament).

*Kansas State: Ouch. That's a big "buyer beware" when you're filling out your bracket.

*Anyone buying Purdue? Anyone? 4-seed. (Speaking of which: Texas... yikes. Criminy, they are terrible.)

*Good for Duke: They needed that one, not just to put themselves in position to be a 1-seed, but absolutely humiliating UNC, capping a truly terrible season for the Heels.

*Break up the Mavs!

*Any ideas how I should handle the latest Big Ben thing?

ACK! Forgot to hit "Publish" on this yesterday!

-- D.S.

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