Tuesday, May 04, 2010

05/04 Quickie: LeBron, UVA, Ubaldo

Longtime reader Scott D. just pointed out that Game 3 of Cavs-Celtics is Friday. Friday! Imagine for a moment if MLB put four days between playoff games. They would be crucified. Ridiculous.

Anyway, today's SN column leads with the reality that LeBron can't wear an MVP award on his finger like a championship ring. The MVP is meaningless -- no matter how much geographic or competitive meaning he wants to assign to it -- without a championship. And, right now, the Cavs are as close to the brink as they have been all season.

I'm sure they will come back, win at least one game in Boston, reclaim HCA and win that series. I still think they fall short of an NBA title.

More in today's column:

*The UVA murder is precisely the kind of subject I don't write about particularly well.

*Maybe that's because I'm busy arguing superficial things like whether the Rockies ace has earned "first-name-only status": Ubaldo!

(It is a prerequisite of FNO status that your name be fairly unique. It's going to be hard for me -- or anyone else -- to earn FNO status with "Dan.")

*Will Leitch's new book about baseball is worth adding to your library. It comes out today. Buy it here. Hopefully, a stand-alone post about it later.

*RIP "FedEx Orange Bowl." I can remember sitting in Bethesda Library researching a paper early in high school about college bowl sponsorships. FedEx was one of the earliest ones.

Complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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