Wednesday, May 05, 2010

05/05 Quickie: Harwell, Magic, Los Suns

Sorry for another short post today. If you saw yesterday's long-ish post about dads and baseball, you understand why I'm still underwater, so to speak.

But today's SN column has an interesting twist at the top: My favorite lines from Ernie Harwell's classic 1955 Sporting News essay about Baseball and America. Felt like an appropriate homage.

There's a lot more:

*The Magic ripped out Atlanta's soul. Then dunked on it.

*Lakers up 2-0: The Jazz might take one or two games in SLC, but they're not beating the Lakers in this series.

*Is PHX wearing the "Los Suns" jersey a political statement? You bet it is.

*John Calipari to the Bulls? Bull-something. Why would he leave? He has the best job in college basketball history.

*If the Jaguars wanted a "name" yet unproven Denver QB, why didn't they just draft Tebow?

*Let's all stop and appreciate the Livan Hernandez Resurgence.

More in the column. And more later.

-- D.S.


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