Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie

PHILLY -- Had a blast at the rehearsal dinner last night, and had to
laugh at the irony that a mile away at the same time, Jamie Moyer was
setting a record for oldest pitcher to throw a complete-game shut-out.

I'm a little obsessed with Moyer, entirely because he is 47 (and a
half!) and still pitching in the majors (and not as a knuckleballer).
I feel like I need to see him in person, because I am skeptical we
will ever see a pitcher his age again. What a marvel.

On the opposite end, there is Starlin Castro, the 19-year-old Cubs SS
who made a mythic debut yesterday: HR and a triple, accounting for a
record-setting 6 RBI. So much for tempered expectations.

And then there's Goran Dragic, the backup Suns PG who scored 23... in
the 4th quarter. Greatest playoffquarter by a backup player in NBA
history? (Why not!)

As I tweeter yesterday, hoping to get to the Schuylkill this morning
to watch some of Dad Vails, one of the great crew events of the year.
I haven't been to (or rowed in) Philly in 18 years. And 25 pounds.

(Wow: Just saw my college coach quoted in the Inquirer; he's now the
women's coach at St. Joe's. He let me earn a seat in the Northwestern
heavyweight varsity 8 as a freshman, my finest athletic accomplishment
ever. For that, I will always be grateful to him, even though
personality conflicts the next season, when I was team captain,
contributed to me leaving the team and the sport. Wow, haven't thought
about any of this in a long time....)

- D.S.

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