Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Quickie: On the Road

On the road to Philly this morning for a wedding weekend. First time
back since a high school rowing regatta. Coincidentally, the biggest
college crew race of the year - Dad Vail - is this weekend. Will be
fun to watch and vicariously re-live my erstwhile prep and college
athletic career. Meanwhile, the groom is a huge Dolphins fan. Will
have to thank him for freeing up No. 15 in Denver.

Meanwhile, I'm filing this from my phone and don't have a link to my
SN column to provide. If you hit up the front page of the site or use
yesterdays link below, you should be able to navigate to it. If you
use yesterdays column, just click on my byline.

Meanwhile, more posts from the road all weekend, and - likely - a
steady stream of tweets.

For those not checking back, happy mother's day to all the moms. And
call your mother.

- D.S.

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