Wednesday, June 23, 2010

06/23 Quickie: US Soccer, NBA Draft, Ubaldo

It's not crazy to call today the biggest soccer game in US history. Bigger than 1950 vs. England. Bigger than 2010 vs. England.

In today's SN column, I argue that winning would be huge and losing would be -- well, not quite devastating, but one of the bigger national sporting buzzkills we've seen in a while. (As was the goal-robbery from last Friday, by the way.)

By noon, we'll know whether things get extraordinarily exciting for the weekend -- or whether the World Cup will go on with the rest of the world caring, but many many fewer in the US caring.

More you'll find in today's SN column:

*Count me among those who like DeMarcus Cousins' NBA potential. (Not sure I see the logic of the Nets drafting Wes Johnson ahead of Favors or Cousins. Johnson may be better now, but isn't finding a small forward easier than finding a talented power forward? I guess in this free agent year, maybe not.)

*Much more on the draft later today and tomorrow. I'm obviously very very excited about John Wall joining the Wizards, but there's a player I am equally intrigued about. (Curious? Aaand, as usual, the NYT's Pete Thamel is all over it. This is why he's the best.)

*Is Ubaldo Jimenez vs. the Red Sox lineup today the most intriguing (non-Strasburg) match-up of the MLB season so far? Absolutely.

*That said: Strasburg's start vs. the Royals tonight is as must-see as the other three starts he has made.

*Is it really so crazy to acknowledge that Chris Johnson is the most underpaid athlete in sports and deserves a massive pay raise from the Titans? The team won't win this battle.

*Really recommend "The Two Escobars," the latest 30/30 documentary from ESPN. Very well done.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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