Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday (US-Ghana) Quickie

A few thoughts while idling time between now and the 2:30 kickoff of US-Ghana...

*US-Ghana: I'm picking the US to win -- I mean, how could you not -- but Ghana is arguably the best team that the US has faced this tournament. Yes, better than England.

(I do like the fact that Ghana booted us out in '06 as motivation, but if this team needs that to motivate them at this point, they're in trouble.)

*Quick follow-up to yesterday's post about my suggestion for John Wall's new number: Dan Steinberg actually asked Wall about 44, and Wall was NOT a fan.

(It's all good: It turns out that Wall is leaning toward No. 15, which is my favorite number -- and not just because that's what Tebow wears -- or No. 3, which was my favorite number growing up.)

*Edwin Jackson's no-hitter (149 pitches?! WTF?!) comes about 5 seasons after I thought I was being smart and put him on my fantasy roster before he got called up as a rookie.

(It is also a bit of symbolism of the wrong track that the Rays are on right now. Come on, Tampa.)

*USC is appealing the sanctions: Of course they are. They will not win.

(Did you see that Percy Harvin was pivotal in the NCAA's case against USC? That should make everyone love him even more.)

*Thoughts are with Chad Jones, his family and his fans. What a spectacular player at LSU -- last season, I distinctly remember the way he won the game for LSU at Mississippi State with a sick punt return. Put the NFL aside; I just hope he can recover enough to have a normal life.

-- D.S.

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