Thursday, June 24, 2010

06/24 Quickie: Biggest Day Ever?

In the 2+ years I have been writing the daily column for Sporting News, I cannot remember a more loaded column, with no less than a half-dozen topics that could lead the sports day.

All I can do is send you to it and hope you enjoy the whole thing. Here is my director's cut:

*Yes, yesterday absolutely was the biggest moment in US soccer history. Don't let the soccer snobs fool you with talk of "Mexico 2002." That changed nothing. "Donovan 90+1" changes everything.

*Isner-Mahut 59-59. So unprecedented as to become one of the defining moments in the history of tennis. I only wish they had enough time to play to conclusion, because a big part of the charm was the slog; a good night's rest is almost going too easy on them. Almost.

*In 25 years of being obsessed with the NBA Draft, I cannot believe that on the morning of the draft, this is the 3rd-biggest story. But I lay out my top 5 draft storylines in the column (with more coming here later): Wall, Nets at No. 3, Gordon Hayward, Latavious Williams, Trades.

*Phil Jackson retiring? OK.

*Stephen Strasburg losing? Not his fault!

*Ubaldo getting batted around by the Red Sox? Hmm...feels like a pretty important data point.

*CP3 getting traded? Not going to happen.

*LT indicted? A minor story today, because of everything else.

*World Cup Today, Group E: Japan-Denmark is a de facto play-in/knock-out game.

*World Cup Today, Group F: Does Italy get knocked out today? We can only hope.

*Hey, Albert Haynesworth is going to report to training camp! (Zzz.)

*Landon Donovan. Landon Donovan. Landon Donovan.

See the complete, jam-packed column here. A lot more NBA Draft stuff coming later this morning and throughout the day. I think I have at least 4-5 extra posts planned.

-- D.S.

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