Friday, June 25, 2010

Jon Scheyer on Wizards Summer Team

Jon Scheyer will be playing for the Wizards' summer league team.

For a Wizards fan with a fetish for Jewish basketball players -- and Scheyer is arguably the greatest Jewish college basketball player ever, and someone I have been in the tank for since he arrived at Duke (despite the fact that I hate Duke!) -- this qualifies as major news.


Shane said...

You're saying Scheyer is greater than Farmar and Casspi?

Unknown said...

Come on Dan - get over your "hatred" of Duke. The Blue Devils represent a lot of what is good about college hoops.

Eric Fingerhut said...


I know your bit is "instant history" and anything that happened yesterday is the greatest thing ever or whatever, but calling Jon Scheyer "arguably the greatest Jewish college basketball player ever" is just ridiculous. He had a terrific career, but he's not even the best Jewish college basketball player ever at Duke. You ever hear of Art Heyman? He averaged 25 points and 10 rebounds for his career at Duke and won the AP National Player of the Year in 1963.

And Heyman arguably may not have been the best Jewish college basketball player ever in the ACC. Lennie Rosenbluth may have been even better.

I'm much too young to have seen either of these guys play--although I was a student at Duke in 1990 when Heyman's number was belatedly retired. Were you really not aware of Heyman and Rosenbluth, or do you just think that Scheyer was "arguably" better?