Tuesday, August 24, 2010

08/24 Quickie: Brady, Damon, Elin

Today's Names to Know: Tom Brady, Elin Woods Nordegrin, Johnny Damon, Stephen Strasburg, Jose Bautista, Tyler Patrick Thomas, Sidney Rice, Matt Leinart, Sammy Sosa, Maurice Clarett, Michael Heisley and More.

This whole Tom-Brady-says-he-hates-the-Jets thing is the biggest non-story of the week.

Tiger and Elin's divorce is final: Next up, a correlation-causation confusion when he either plays better or plays worse. (She could use a reality-TV show, but I presume she is too classy for ANY interest in that. To her credit.)

Johnny Damon to the Red Sox? Do I detect the faintest whiff of love-him-when-he's-ours triumphalism from Red Sox fans over a player they loathed for leaving just a few years ago? (Is Manny next? Now THAT would be awesome.) BTW: Sounds like Damon would prefer to go to Detroit.

Rangers lose no-no in 9th: Gotta love the no-hitter brought to you by 4 pitchers.

Stephen Strasburg back to DL (again): Nothing wrong with being overly cautious. The foreshadowing is bad enough as it is.

Jose Bautista!

This Oregon State lineman story -- Tyler Patrick Thomas allegedly being found naked and drunk in a stranger's home, then stunned into submission by cops after he got into a 3-point stance and charged at them -- is simultaneously hilarious yet sad. It would be nice that, instead of dismissing him from the team, Oregon State suspended him and got him some counseling.

NFL: Sidney Rice headed for hip surgery that could keep him out for half the season? If so, we'll get to see whether Favre made Rice look good... or the other way around.

Yikes, the Cardinals QBs are terrible: And Matt Leinart sucking heading into his 5th NFL season is a good reminder not to put too much stock in the NFL draftniks, all of whom projected Leinart as a can't-miss NFL QB prospect.

Hard to see Tim Tebow having a worse career than Leinart, and given the pro expectations -- for Tebow, few; for Leinart, quite a few -- that makes Leinart a bigger bust than Tebow could ever be.

Retired Number Watch: I don't disagree with Sammy Sosa that the Cubs should retire No. 21.

The UFL should absolutely try to get Maurice Clarett, but the only reason they would be doing it is for the publicity. And if all they care about is publicity, there is a much much bigger and better way they can get it:

By undercutting the NFL age limit by 2 years and recruiting star college freshmen and sophomores to its league with the promise of cash and a 100 percent focus on getting them ready for the NFL Draft.

Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley knows less about basketball than you do. Unclear why he would agree to do this radio interview -- maybe team p.r. handlers sabotaged him.

Why on Earth would Kwame Brown want to play for Michael Jordan again? And why would MJ want him? All that can result is jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.

If you liked yesterday's profits-for-Pirates story, Deadspin apparently has more coming today -- from the Rangers?

-- D.S.

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