Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update on Sunday Ticket To-Go: Meh

Update on that Sunday Ticket To-Go post from earlier this week:

So apparently you will only be able to get Sunday Ticket To-Go for your laptop, iPhone and iPad if you cannot get DirecTV in your location. Not "choose not to" -- literally, if you are one of the few places that DirecTV won't slap on a satellite dish.

They clarified this, despite initial marketing that made the "To-Go" package seem universally accessible -- which was the reason it was brilliant. With DirecTV's new caveats, the proposition is no less attractive; it is merely infinitely less available.

How short-sighted of DirecTV: What better advertisement for their dish product than to let non-dish subscribers see the value of Sunday Ticket and Red Zone, with the potential for DirecTV to upsell them with "Like it on your laptop? You'll love it on your HDTV."

Instead of trying to create as many qualified leads as possible, DirecTV is going for the nickel(-and-dime) defense. They have a week or so to figure out what an error it is to limit their customer base on this product.


Juskimo said...

If one is at all tech savvy and has purchased the proper equipment (read: a tv with a vga input), it is not difficult to hook a laptop up to a TV. The reason they won't roll this nationwide is that it would allow folks to get the package on their tv without having to get DirecTv service

Unknown said...

This is just their first step - per their agreement with the NFL, next year they have to offer Sunday Ticket To-Go to everyone, regardless if they are a DirecTV sub or can't get DirecTV. So they're doing it in a phased appraoch.

David Kazzie said...

Those guys are idiots. Well, guess who's definitely NOT getting DirecTV now!

This guy!