Sunday, August 22, 2010

Preseason BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot v.1

So the SB Nation embed code for my BlogPoll ballot (v.1) doesn't seem to be working. Here is the list, hand-entered. Keep in mind that I picked my No. 1 team - for now, in the preseason - as the best team in the country... NOT necessarily the most likely to win the title.

1. Boise St
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. Alabama
5. TCU

6. VA Tech
7. Oregon
8. Ohio St
9. Georgia Tech
10. Wisconsin

11. USC
12. Miami (FL)
13. Houston
14. Oklahoma
15. Nebraska

16. Iowa
17. Auburn
18. Utah
19. Florida St
20. Cincinnati

21. Arkansas
22. Pitt
23. West Virginia
24. Navy
25. Arizona

Would love your comments. As you can see, I flipped my opinion since this morning -- I'm sticking with my earliest feeling about the season: Boise State is the best team in the country. Again: It's an entirely other matter if they get to prove it in January.


Unknown said...

Putting arizona in and leaving washington out is a big mistake - watch out for the huskies, and arizona will NOT finish in the upper half of the pac-10 (12?)...

Kevin said...

Your Big 10/11/12 bias is showing you placed an Ohio State team that beat up Oregon below Oregon. Apparently the loss of Oregon's star QB made them better over the off season, right?

Matthew said...

I know you hate Ohio State just as much as everybody else whose opinions are so easily swayed by the national media, but seriously, Dan. You say yourself, this list isn't an ordering of teams most likely to win the title, but a ranking of the teams as they are right now, right? So I think you need to explain how Oregon, despite losing their star quarterback AND their last game (TO OHIO STATE), managed to improve so much MORE during the off-season than OSU that they deserve to be ranked ahead of them. And I want actual observable evidence, not just the idiotic (and tired) "well, OSU lost two title games 3 and 4 years ago, so obviously they'll never be truly elite again" shtick that usually spews forth from supposedly objective observers such as yourself.

(Sometimes I think I only read your columns so I can harass you when you hate on OSU. Ah, well. Maybe if your hatred weren't so obvious, or if you responded occasionally, it wouldn't feel quite so much like I'm talking to a brick wall.)