Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NFL Sunday Ticket: Open to All?

There were inklings about this back in the spring, but here is what I think is some pretty big news:

NFL Sunday Ticket is available to anyone -- not just DirecTV subscribers.

The caveats:

*Only on your laptop, iPhone, Android phone or iPad.

*It costs $350.

Now, to respond to the caveats:

Only non-TV platforms: Who cares? I'd love to be able to watch any game I want -- or the Red Zone Channel -- on the go on my iPhone or with my iPad.

Cost: Is that more than the NBA's package or the college football package? Absolutely. Does the NFL command a premium? Yes.

Put it this way: If someone asked you how much you would pay for Sunday Ticket and Red Zone Channel -- even if it was "limited" to your laptop, phone and iPad -- would you be willing to pay $20 a week? Because that's what it basically costs.

And while the $350 may feel like a lot -- it IS a lot -- I think that of the things you would be willing to pay $20 a week for, every NFL game (plus Red Zone) is worth it.

This is a big deal for NFL fans.

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