Sunday, September 19, 2010

BlogPoll Top 25 Draft Ballot

A few tweaks near the top (if not AT the top), based on the respect I have for Air Force and that Nebraska and Texas both won on the road. And I'm more impressed by Arkansas winning on the road at Georgia than I am by Boise and Oregon running it up.

By the way, check out the odd blocks of SEC (low teens) then Pac-10 (mid-teens) then Big 10 (high-teens/20s); it's a testament to the relative strength of the leagues, but also to not having enough evidence yet to distinguish among them.

1. Alabama
2. TCU
3. Oklahoma
4. Texas
5. Ohio State
6. Nebraska
7. Boise State
8. Oregon
9. Utah
10. Arkansas
11. Auburn
12. South Carolina
13. Florida
14. Arizona
15. Stanford
16. Oregon State
17. LSU
18. Miami
19. Iowa
20. Michigan
21. Penn State
22. Michigan State
23. Wisconsin
24. Nevada
25. Fresno State

Looking ahead to next week: Alabama at Arkansas is the national headliner, and Stanford-Notre Dame should give the country (at least those not glued to Bama-Arkansas) a look at Andrew Luck, the best QB in the country. The night set gets a little bit more awesome: Oregon State at Boise State (playing both TCU and Boise State? you go, Oregon State!) and South Carolina at Auburn.

As always, would love your feedback on the ballot. Anything really out of whack?

-- D.S.

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Matty said...

Texas and Boise State have a common opponent in Wyoming, Texas won by 27 at home, while Boise State won by 45 on the road.