Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sponsored Post: Week 2 and Bad Beats

Your weekly update on my travails in the Blogger Football League, sponsored by Procter & Gamble. For background, see this intro post.

Week 2 in the BFL for me was one of those classic bad beats. After I led the league in scoring in Week 1, I was playing Matt Sebek's team -- things seemed promising on Sunday morning.

Then: BOOM. Chris Johnson earns 3 points, total. I lost by a tick more than 2 points.

Let's put it this way: If I had started 49ers Nth-string RB Anthony Dixon AHEAD OF CHRIS JOHNSON, I would have won the week.

Slightly less distressing, starting WR Pierre Garcon accounted for a single point. (If I had benched him for Michael "3 stinking points" Crabtree, I would have won.)

All of this came to a head late Monday night.

With 2 minutes to go, the 49ers -- down 8 -- marched 82 yards in less than a minute, scored a TD then won a replay reversal to get the 2-point conversion.

Instead of the Saints draining the remaining clock with a series of running plays, Drew Brees (Sebek's star player) threw 56 yards worth of passes...worth precisely the 2.04 points necessary to win.

Sebek: 98.96. Shanoff: 96.92

I don't care that the Saints won the game with a dramatic, last-second field goal. I care that the situation leading up to that field goal cost me the week's win.

Life in fantasy football is full of bad beats -- you hope you only get one excruciating one (and I'd say this one qualifies) per season, and I hope my team has gotten theirs out of their system.

Otherwise, on to Week 3. A team with a name like "99-Rated Swagger" only knows how to shake it off and forge ahead.

Here is this week's full-league recap (from Diana Klochkova of National Football Post) and P&G's Take It To The House page on Facebook.

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