Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday (CFB Hangover) Quickie

I had been eyeing this weekend as a "Prove-It" moment early in the season. Let's see who proved what:

Proved they are entirely legit:

Arizona, TCU and Oklahoma beat good (even very good) teams. The Huskers and Hogs won on the road.

Proved little, if anything, despite winning:

Proved me very, very wrong:

And then there is Alabama, which just rolls along. And when they beat Arkansas by 30 next week, it will be even more obvious.

Finally, let's give a shout-out to Michigan State for giving us the best ending of the college football season so far -- the fake FG in OT that turned into a "walk-off" game-winning TD. If you're a Michigan State fan, to have this kind of ending -- against Notre Dame, on national TV, playing in front of a frenzied home crowd and win-or-bust awesome -- had to be one of the most satisfying wins in years. (The play clock had expired? Oh well! In all seriousness, the refs should have reviewed that -- but it is virtually impossible in a "walk-off" setting.)

Expect the Spartans to enter my BlogPoll Top 25.


*Troy Tulowitzki: Good gosh-a-mighty.

*Does cracking the 20-win barrier seal the AL Cy for CC?

*Back in front of the NL West? The Padres (via Ludwick)

*NFL Game of the Day: Pats-Jets. Set your rosters!

-- D.S.

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