Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie: Bama, Boise

College Football Saturday! Alabama at Arkansas is the afternoon headliner (pick: Bama, big), with Oregon State at Boise the night-side headliner (pick: Boise, close).

Keep your eye on:

*Can Texas get its offense on track vs. UCLA?
*South Carolina or Auburn: Who's for real?
*Let-down game for Arizona (vs. Cal)?
*Andrew Luck torching Notre Dame
*Temple giving Penn State a game.
*BC becoming ranking-worthy by beating VA Tech.
*The Denard Robinson Show (as always)

Carmelo to the Nets? I am obviously -- not to mention regionally -- biased, but I don't understand why Carmelo wouldn't want to play in Brooklyn.

OK, some caveats:

The Nets aren't actually IN Brooklyn yet. The plan is for them to be there 2 years from now -- but who knows? And Carmelo wants to play with Amare. (Is Brook Lopez such a schmoe?)

If Melo really wants to play for the Knicks, he can simply refuse to sign a contract extension with the Nets, then sign a deal next summer with the Knicks as a free agent. Simple.

But then he rolls the dice on the new CBA, that it wouldn't cut him off from millions he could make by signing an extension now.

However, I think that presuming the team gets to Brooklyn on schedule -- a big presumption, to be sure -- folks are sleeping on how much cachet the team in Brooklyn will have.

Melo could be king of New York City -- without playing for the Knicks.

NL West: Giants win, but Padres keep pace. (Any flickering hope the Rockies had of climbing back into it ended when they lost to the Giants.)

Enjoy your Saturday.

-- D.S.

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