Wednesday, November 03, 2010

11/04 Quickie: Moss, KG, Hokies, Sparky

PM UPDATE: RIP Sparky Anderson. Condolences to his family, friends and many fans in Cincinnati, Detroit and beyond.

Today's Names to Know: Randy Moss, KG, Charlie Villanueva, Colin Cowherd, John Wall, Virginia Tech, Eric Bledsoe, Sparky Anderson, Tommy Craggs and More.

Randy Moss to Titans
: Good for Tennessee. Moss will love playing with Chris Johnson, will love playing alongside Kenny Britt and will love getting throws from Vince Young. His mercurial mindset will be right. Terrific decision by the Titans, with very little risk. It's so interesting to follow along as the conventional wisdom has gone from something along the lines of "It's Moss: What did you expect?" to "What a steal for the Titans!" (Still looking like a fool: Brad Childress.)

KG vs. Charlie Villanueva: Let's start with this -- I am entirely dubious about what KG says he said. I am inclined to believe Villanueva -- at the very least, give CV31 the TKO for taking to Twitter at the start of the day yesterday and putting KG on the defensive, to the point he had to put out that lame clarification, an entire day's news cycle later... more than enough time for KG to get mocked -- then, amazingly, mocked again after he produced his explanation. (CV31 even got the last word: "I know EXACTLY what I heard.") Next time, KG will just stick with the old tried-and-true misogyny: "F--- you, b----!"

Colin Cowherd on John Wall: Barely worth dignifying with a response, except to say that this was quite possibly one of the most ignorant rants ever uttered on sports-talk radio... which is saying something. Would it be so hard for Cowherd to double back, admit he was wrong and apologize? I swear to god, we've reached a point where "mainstream columnists" (and certainly radio hosts) are knee-jerk hysterics while bloggers (and I'm ready to chuck the "bloggers" class designation) are reasonable and measured.

CFB Tonight: Want to see up-close how far Virginia Tech has come from the Boise State loss (and subsequent shocker at home to James Madison)? They host the national game tonight. Very important game... for Boise State.

CFB: Latest BlogPoll from the group. (1) Oregon, (2) Auburn, (3) Boise, (4) TCU - despite my best intentions to get TCU ranked ahead of Boise. Oh well: Maybe after this weekend (at which point I will rank the TCU-Utah winner ahead of Boise, regardless).

Must-Read: Want to understand Oregon's offense? Read this.

NCAA clears RichRod in Michigan investigation: That doesn't mean that RichRod should -- or will -- keep his job. I wonder how many Michigan fans were hoping he would be implicated, to make it all the easier to can him? I don't think it makes a difference. Might be this offseason, might be next. But I think RichRod's departure is inevitable. (Then again, all coaches' departures are inevitable.)

NBA Last Night: The Hornets are still unbeaten. The Hawks are still unbeaten. Monta Ellis (39) is a scoring machine. Paul Pierce passes the 20K-points milestone. And rookie Eric Bledsoe is getting rave reviews for his performance last night leading the Clippers to a win over the bandwagon Thunder. (The Clips totally shut down Kevin Durant -- improbable!)

Sparky Anderson in hospice: The point is that you can only hope that the Hall of Fame manager is comfortable and that he and his family have some peace of mind.

Celebrations: Wow, did that Giants parade in San Francisco look fun. What a moment for fans there -- and those displaced Giants fans living though it vicariously via Twitter, texts, video, whatever.

Varsity Letters: NYC Tonight! Featuring Deadspin's Tommy Craggs, ESPN's Howard Bryant and author Dave Jamieson, who wrote "Mint Condition," a terrific book about the history of baseball cards. It's free and starts at 7. Details here.

-- D.S.


MizzouHoops said...

WAIT! You say that "mainstream columnists" (and certainly radio hosts) are knee-jerk hysterics while bloggers (and I'm ready to chuck the "bloggers" class designation) are reasonable and measured.

Isn't your whole schtik to be knee-jerk as well? Greatest. [Whatever]. EVER!

Michael W said...

The article on Oregon, I think, highlights why it is very hard to beat Oregon with just a week to prepare, but might make them much more beatable in a Bowl or Championship game: their game really is fairly simple, it's just that most teams don't work under a coach so demanding in day-to-day practice. Whoever plays Oregon at the end of the season likely will make that demand during December practices... unfortunately if they lose I think a lot of people will talk about them being overrated, when in reality I think they just have a great week-to-week system that I think a lot of other teams could benefit from installing.