Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie: TCU, Page 2

First: If you missed it yesterday, here is my tribute to ESPN's Page 2 (today is the 10th anniversary of its launch).

CFB Today: TCU-Utah is the headliner. GameDay is in SLC. TCU's national-title hopes (temporarily) are on the line. A BCS bid may hang in the balance.

NBA: Heat lose in NOLA. So how quickly before a "D-Wade passing up the game-winning shot as symbolic -- or quite literal -- interpretation of his loss of alpha-dog power from LeBron's arrival" meme emerges? The question: Does Wade pass up that shot last season? (I think not.)

Loved that Cleveland response ad to LeBron's Nike ad. What do you want me to be? "We want you to be who you said you would be." A killer line.

Jason Richardson FTW.

Gilbert Arenas is going to be just fine. (Even if the Wiz aren't going to be very good.)

Cam Newton Watch: "I didn't do anything wrong." What if Cam's dad was involved in some shady stuff but Cam had no idea? This feels particularly plausible given that detail in the SI story that Cam's dad flatly dictated to his son where he was going.

Declan Sullivan Update: Notre Dame's president said that the school shoulders full responsibility for Sullivan's death. That is responsible -- and accurate -- but doesn't go far enough in assigning more direct culpability to Brian Kelly, whose decision it ultimately was to put Sullivan in the hydraulic lift. As much as anything, this feels like the school's attempt to shield the football coach, who -- as far as I know -- has yet to face any criminal or civil consequences.

Go, Zenyatta, go!

-- D.S.

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