Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sponsored Post: Off the Schneid!

Your weekly update on my travails in the Blogger Football League, sponsored by Procter & Gamble. For background, see this intro post.

This is a very special edition: This week, I write the uber-wrap-up post for the entire league.

Let's start with this great news: I'm off the schneid. After taking a beating for the past two weeks, I upended Jerod's Midwest Sports Fans (formerly 5-2, with a No. 2 league ranking) to reclaim my mojo. Did I learn my lesson about talking trash? Hardly: Jerod, you left your winning margin -- Benjarvus Green-Ellis (2 TDs and two-dozen fantasy points) -- on your bench. Hope starting Fred Jackson was worth it. (It wasn't? Oh...no.) No, seriously, we've all been there. And I appreciate you extending your neck out so I could step on it en route to climbing back onto a winning streak. I have now jinxed myself for at least the next three weeks.

Around the rest of the league:

*Another big win for the league's top-ranked team: Diana's Fresh 2 Death -- and that was with 4 starters on the bench with bye weeks. Umm, Diana: You might want to do something with Randy Moss. (Or not!)

*Punter's DayQuil Fighter of the NyQuil kept pace with Diana at 6-2 in the league. Brad Childress could take a lesson: Punter kept Brett Favre benched for Kyle Orton. Brinson's Fuzzy Gullets enjoyed a 1-game win streak before taking a few steps back to 2-6 on the season.

*Stephanie's For a Better Looking Tomorrow -- trying to keep pace with me atop the X Division -- avoided a bye-week dropoff with sat starting RBs Brandon Jacobs and LeSean McCoy with 15 points from Mike Tolbert (while sitting 11 points from Chargers teammate Ryan Matthews). It helped that she had Janikowski powering FGs and a Rams D that had 3 sacks and 3 INTs. It also helped she was playing Levy's Press Coverage team.

*Two pivotal games between pairs of 3-4 teams: Winners hit .500 and have a decent shot at a run for the playoffs; losers drop to 3-5 halfway through the season and have a tough row to hoe:

Sebek's Sweaty Ditkas needed every bit of his league-high 116 points to knock off Phil's Team Gunaxin, which had 114 points -- higher than any other team this week. In this week's "Bad Beat," Phil's reasonable decision to start Steven Jackson (6 points) over Thomas Jones (8 points) cost him the win, despite starting Week 8 fantasy stud Calvin Johnson, who led all WRs and RBs in points this week.

Meanwhile, Schatz's DVOA vs. GERD used a huge Monday night from Arian Foster to power past Bassett's What Would Revis Do, which held a lead heading into Monday night that proved unsustainable.

Nearly halfway through the season, Diana and Punter lead the league at 6-2. Three teams (including mine) are 5-3. Sebek and Schatz pull up to 4-4. The larger point: The playoff spots are wide open right now.

Looking ahead to next week: The Game of the Week is between Punter (6-2) and Stephanie (5-3), but keep your eye on Sebek coming off that league-leading points week against top-ranked Diana's Fresh 2 Death.

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sportsb*tch said...

I think what I will do with Randy Moss is what the NFL does - keep giving him undeserved chances.

Maybe I'll get to see more of what I was privileged enough to see when working for the Raiders in 2005: some Kerry-Collins-to-Randy-Moss magic. Or not.