Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17 Quickie: Zags, Roy, Felix, Rose

Wow, that ESPN college hoops marathon was something awesome, wasn't it? The most interesting things that happened:

*Gonzaga lost at home (!) to San Diego State. As is my method/problem, I have already filed this away and will undoubtedly give SDSU an extra bracket win in March because of this.

*Butler '10-'11 ain't Butler '09-'10: To be fair, Louisville is pretty good, but what got the Bulldogs into the title game was D, and they didn't show much last night.

*Florida '10-'11 is kinda the same as Florida '09-'10: Improved, but just not good enough to hang with the elites. OSU's Jared Sullinger (26 and 10) > UNC's Harrison Barnes.

*Good, Tournament-quality win for Kansas State over Virginia Tech (discounted slightly because K-State was playing at home, but it was decisive).

*Duke and Michigan State roll: And they are clearly the country's Top 2 teams. I love the Delvon Roe storyline, where he acted in a performance of "As You Like It" 2 hours before tip-off.

80: No. 1 UConn women slip past No. 2 Baylor -- what an awesome early-season match-up -- to win their 80th straight. The UCLA dynasty is going down, with 100 in sight.

MLB Awards: Roy Halladay wins the NL Cy, most notably because it was unanimous -- not even a single contrarian dissent for, say, Adam Wainwright? (Fine by me.)

Today: King Felix for AL Cy? It would follow up last year's Greinke's FIP-driven Cy to represent the greatest breakthrough in individual-award voting in the history of MLB awards.

MLB Hot Stove: Braves trade for Dan Uggla. The Braves' limp lineup needs the pop, and the Marlins avoid paying Uggla more than the $48 million (over 4 years) they reportedly offered.

McNabb Update: After all that hysteria on Monday afternoon, if the Redskins cut Donovan McNabb after this season, they only owe him $3.75M. Welcome, Ryan Mallett.

NBA Last Night: Derrick Rose continues to assert himself as a new addition to the NBA's A-list of stars, dropping 33 on the Rockets in a Bulls win. (More: Lakers get off the schneid!)

Carmelo vs. the Knicks: Let's say this much -- if Carmelo wasn't on the Nuggets and was on the Knicks, chances are Denver wouldn't have beaten New York by 2 last night. Whatever.

Must-Listen: Tiger on Mike & Mike tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. ET. Will be interesting to see how tough (but fair) the questions are. Don't think Tiger would do it if it would be a grilling.

-- D.S.

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