Thursday, November 18, 2010

Conference Wrap and a Sneak Peek

As you know, I attended a conference the past two days around "Sports Media and Technology." The panels weren't particularly inspiring -- check that: They were plenty inspiring for a founder of a start-up that wants to out-hustle (no, wait: complement!) the incumbents lounging on the stage.

As usual, it was more interesting to connect with folks one-on-one. I've been in online sports since 1995 -- I have known a lot of these people, for a long time. (It was particularly awesome to see my very first boss, Hank Adams, now CEO of SportVision.) But some of the best conversations I had were with folks trying to build something new.

To say that this is a moment of disruption in sports media (or all media) discounts too much the larger trend of disruption that has been moving in fits and starts since the mid-90s. But this feels like a particularly good moment to stake out something new.

Folks following me on Twitter and seen that bio already know that the new company I'm building is called Quickish Media, but you can call it simply Quickish. For those hearing it for the first time, what do you think? It should feel familiar, yet fresh.

Anyway, as a sneak-peek for you, I just posted the logo -- for the very first time -- to the Quickish Facebook page and the Quickish Twitter account. I love the logo. Love it. (Thrilled to attribute it to my truly awesome design team.)

I'd be excited if you would like the Facebook page and/or follow the Twitter account. Much more about the company will be coming through those channels.

More about all of it soon, including -- well -- what it is. And how you can help out as a beta tester.

-- D.S.

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